Type of Industry: Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment

Electrical generators are often placed in different types of industries to reclaim surplus energy from a process, to attain self-suffiency in electrical power, or to achieve both these objectives simultaneously. To a supplier of electrical equipment it is beneficial to cooperate with an established contractor, who already has access to those factories and plants where installation and maintenance is to be performed. SVIZZA is a known contractor within steel and paper industries worldwide, we have the right safety certificates and we carry both the competence and the tools to handle the large and heavy components that are part of generator installations.

One of our specialities is the assignments we perform for manufacturers of wind power generators. In that area, our ability to transport and lift heavy equipment has led to a large and well functioning cooperation. Wind power generators are preferably set up in large generator parks, with installation mainly performed during autumn and winter. Our teams have an installment rate of about one wind power generator per week in that season!

Our customers are, thus far, relatively few and are concentrated to installations in Sweden. Thanks to the large number of assignments they do however provide an even load of work for SVIZZA for a large part of the year. As with all types of assignments we are of course ready to accept contracts regarding electrical equipment in the whole world!

For reference assignments and customers concerning electrical equipment, see our presentations for Installation and Maintenance under "Services".