Assignments in Central and Eastern Europe

A large rearrangement is under way in European metal industry, both in relation to electronics and to automotive industry. A large portion of the metal parts manufacturing for cell phones is for instance being concentrated to the Viborg area of Russia. SVIZZA participates in both relocations and installations in the Viborg area.

Another industrial relocation that we at SVIZZA have performed was moving a complete floor industry from Sweden to Poland for Tarkett Sommer. Most of our assignments in Central and Eastern Europe are related to relocations and/or installations.

Many of our assignments benefit from our experience regarding transport administration to and trough different countries. In a typical assignment we handle all steps, from the dissasembly of (for instance) a casting machine in Finland, the handling of all transport details and customs documentation to the reassembly, testing and power up of the machinery in Viborg, Russia.

On isolated occasions, when it has been important to transport items to Asia fast, we have been able to use transport through Russia via the Transsiberian railway. Usually sea freight is used for such types of transport, but our experience in logistics and East European administration simply gives us access to more options.