Service: Installing Equipment

At SVIZZA we both lead and take part in installations of heavy industrial equipment all over the world. Most of our assignments are within paper industry, but as installation procedures are often similar in nature from industry to industry, this service is in demand from other trades as well. For instance, we frequently work with aluminium industry installations as well as with one of our specialities - installing wind power stations.

Experience, fair pricing and our ability to work world wide are some of the reasons to work with SVIZZA when it comes to installations. Furthermore, our employees have safety certificates according to the SSG standard, we have a complete set of equipment for most measurements (theodolites, leveling instruments, laser alignment tools for motors and gear boxes) and we can use tools of our own design such as our "Easy Sling" rolling wire, which is useful when exchanging rollers in paper machines. Naturally, certificates regarding the operation of forklifts and overhead cranes, as well as certificates for welding and other hot tasks, are in place.

We manage all heavy lifting associated with the installations, from machine parts in narrow confinements to complete power generator heads at altitude! Should You require help with transport, customs clearance and other logistical tasks in order to get Your equipment to the right location, then we can help You! Following the installation, we are skilled in acceptance testing procedures as well as subsequent operation start up. These skills have been especially appreciated when performing installations related to aluminium casting.

To perform installations is a recurring type of assignment for SVIZZA. During autumn and winter, wind power generators are generally installed at a rate of one per week. Combined with other installation assignments from paper and aluminium industry, installation assignments constitute a continuous type of operation for SVIZZA.

Some reference assignments and customers, regarding installations:

STS Alteams China Installed aluminium die casting machinery in China
Alteams OY FinlandInstalled CNC machines in aluminium industry
Ljunghälls ABInstalled casting and CNC machines in steel industry
Voith HeidenheimInstallations of paper and rolling machines in Sweden, recurring assignments
Metso PaperInstallations of paper and rolling machines in Sweden, recurring assignments
-Installation in Vietnam
Voith RavensburgInstallation of paper industry flotation plant
Vestas SverigeInstallations of wind power generators in Sweden, recurring assignments