Service: Maintenance

SVIZZA performs a large number of maintenance assignments during planned stops in different types of industry. The experience, our employees' competence and the large set of own equipment enables us at SVIZZA to work fast and efficiently in the time critical environment that industrial stops represent. We also have the capability to supply materials in the form of exchanges, repairs or even remanufactured components, in connection with maintenance.

In our own set of machinery and tools we have products developed in house, such as our "Easy Sling" rolling wire to exchange all rollers in a paper machine. There are tubes for the exchange of specific rollers without having to cut the forming fabric, and machine specific brackets used during exchange of dryer roller bearings. All these products help us perform efficient maintenance assignments.

Our knowledge in heavy lifting is a basis for many of our maintenance assignments. Often they include the exchange of rollers and bearings. Originally our expertise stems from the paper industry, but the similarity between heavy equipment in many types of industry leads to recurring maintenance assignments in steel, paper, woodware and electrical industries as well.

By working with customers in different types of industry, we have an even load of maintenace assignments all through the year. Some industries have longer planned stops during vacations, while wood industry generally plan for shorter stops during weekends. The basis from different types of industry gives us a nearly continuous presence in maintenance activities.

Although we span different types of industry in our abilities, this far our maintenance assignments have alll been performed within Sweden. This is not a given limitation however, as we would be happy to perform maintenance assignments anywhere in the world!

Some reference assignments and customers, regarding maintenace:

Componenta Maintenance at steel plant, Virsbo
OutokumpuMaintenance at steel plant, Degerfors
Stora EnsoMaintenance at paper mills, Skoghall, Kvarnsveden, Nymölla, Fors
BillerudMaintenance at paper mills, Skärblacka, Gruvön
VoithMaintenance at paper mills, several locations (as subcontractor)
MetsoMaintenance at paper mills, several locations (as subcontractor)
Siemens TurboMaintenace on steam turbines and generators for electrical production, several locations
Setra SawmillMaintenance at wood industry, Hasselfors