Type of Industry: Paper

The SVIZZA company originated from paper industry. Most of our employees have their background in this environment and many of the methods and tools we have developed come from our assignments in paper industry. In the same way that this has proven to be an asset when performing tasks in other types of industry, it is obvious that our gained experience from other types of industry, such as steel and aluminium, has given us valuable impulses for our continuing work in paper industry.

Paper industry assignments still form the basis for our operation. We regularly perform all of our services (Installation, Relocation, Maintenance, Repairs and Rebuilds) for different customers in paper industry. Our in-house developed products, like our "Easy Sling" rolling wire to exchange all rollers in a paper machine, our tubes for exchange of specific rollers without having to cut the forming fabric, and machine specific brackets used during exchange of dryer roller bearings, all help us perform efficiently.

Safety certificates according to the SSG standard, licences for forklifts and overhead cranes as well as certificates for welding and other hot tasks are of course in place, and we have them originally because they are needed in paper industry.

In this type of industry we mostly work with customers in Sweden, but we also have had assignments in Asia. Many of our employees have personal experience from paper industry assignments abroad. As with all types of assignments we are of course ready to accept contracts from paper industries in the whole world!

For reference assignments and customers regarding paper industry, see all our presentations under "Services": Installation, Relocation, Maintenance, Repair and Rebuild.