Own Products

In our assignments we always make use of the appropriate tools. SVIZZA carries an impressive set of own machinery and tools, fitting to all types of services that we offer, in all types of environments where we operate. In some cases we have even developed our own, or enhanced existing, tools when there in our opinion doesn't exist a sutable tool on the market. At other times we have discovered that our work methods would benefit from a tool of our own design.

Three of these tools are available for sale as Own Products. It is frequently apparent at our assignments that we are able to perform a specific task much faster than the customer is used to see it performed. Asked later if our in-house developed tools are available for sale, the answer is easy: Yes, they are!

Rolling Wire - "Easy Sling"
Our rolling wire simplifies a large number of actions that concern the moving of cylindrical objects. Thanks to the inclusion of rolls, the product is useful both for lifting and transport as well as transfer of heavy objects between different carriers. The rollling wire is frequently utilized in paper plants, used for all types of rollers, but is equally well suited for tasks regarding cylinders in other types of industry, for instance at maintenance of casting machines.

Tubes for exchange of rollers
The SVIZZA exchange tubes enables the exchange of fabric and paper guiding rollers without the need to cut the forming fabric. The roller can be lifted sideways out of the machine, saving time and money.

Bearing exchange brackets
When SVIZZA performs a change of bearings on a drying roller, we make machine specific brackets that quickly can carry the weight of the machine axle, simplifying the handling of the released roller.

Further inquires and ordering of our Own Products can be directed to Lennart Ernstsson.