Service: Rebuilding

Planned industrial stops not only offer opportunities for maintenace and replacement of wear parts. It is also the preferred time for rebuilding of equipment. Machines are rebuilt to enhance production, to reduce consumption or to enhance personal safety. SVIZZA is a partner much in demand when it comes to rebuilding. We participate with our crew, tools and other equipment, but add significantly to the contents and execution of the rebuild through our know-how as well.

Our employees have safety certificates according to the SSG standard, we have a complete set of equipment for most measurements and we can use tools of our own design such as our "Easy Sling" rolling wire to speed up assemblies. Naturally, certificates regarding the operation of forklifts and overhead cranes, as well as certificates for welding and other hot tasks, are in place.

We manage all heavy lifting associated with the rebuilds. Should You require help with transport, customs clearance and other logistical tasks in order to get Your equipment to the right location, then we can help You! Following the rebuild, we are skilled in acceptance testing procedures as well as subsequent operation start up.

SVIZZA works with rebuilds, both as main contractor and as subcontractor. The assignments span from separate calculations, via personnel staffing, to complete rebuilds with turn-key deliveries. SVIZZA has an even load of rebuild assignments with 6-8 contracts per year, currently mainly in Sweden but we are of course available for all types of assignments all over the world!

Some reference assignments and customers, regarding rebuilding:

Ljunghäll AB Rebuild at steel works, Södra Vi
Stora EnsoRebuilds at paper mills, several locations
BillerudRebuilds at paper mills, several locations
VoithRebuilds at paper mills, several locations (as subcontractor)
MetsoRebuilds at paper mills, several locations (as subcontractor)
Stora EnsoRebuild concerning personal safety, paper rolling machine, Nymölla