Service: Relocating equipment

One of the SVIZZA specialities is to move complete industrial equipment any distance, short or long, and then restore it to working order and full operation.

We calculate, disassemble, pack, lift and load at the place of original operation, and we receive, reassemble and start up at the receiving end. Our long running experience regarding logistics, transport booking and customs clearance guarantees a smooth transport as well. We have particularly large experience in the, to many others, daunting task to administrate and transport equipment to and through Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.

Relocations performed in cooperation with SVIZZA are fast and efficient with a high quality end result. We have a large experience in logistics, a complete set of machines (for instance rollers for loads up to 100 tonnes), proven experience in installations and an impressive track record of relocations in different types of industry such as steel, aluminium, paper, plastic and woodware.

To engage SVIZZA is Your best measure when turning a machine in place A into a working turn-key installation in place B, regardless of distance!

Some reference assignments and customers, regarding relocations:

Essar Steel Relocation of steelworks oxygen equipment from Sweden to India
Alteams OYRelocation of die casting machinery, several assignments from Europe to China, India and Russia
Fimro RFDRelocation of die casting machinery from Australia to Switzerland
JagenbergRelocation of paper machine within Sweden, from Vida Paper Mölndal to Lessebo
Stora Enso, Gestrike HammarbyRelocation of extruder (for plastics production) from Sweden to Poland
Tarkett SommerRelocation of a complete woodworks plant from Sweden to Poland
-Relocation of a complete woodworks plant (interior products and furniture) from Sweden to Vietnam