Service: Repairs

As we at SVIZZA have a large experience with maintenance assignments during planned stops, we are also frequently asked to assist at the even more critical sitautions that occur at breakdowns. In such circumstances it is of even greater importance that work is performed quickly and correctly, to enable production to resume without subsequent disturbances.

The width of our assignments is a major reason to engage SVIZZA for repairs. We have experience from different types of industry, very competent employees, a comprehensive range of own equipment and the capacity to handle materials in the entire repair chain (disassembly, lifting, transport, tooling and if needed, remanufacturing). Our straight organization also enables us to respond to needs when time is of the essence.

Fortunately, good preventive maintenance has generally reduced the amount of emergency breakdowns, but then it is even more important to be able to get support when needed. We will help You! SVIZZA participates on average every month in emergency repairs. At the moment we are mostly asked to perform repairs in Sweden, but are of course available for all types of assignments all over the world!

In repair assignments as well, our in-house developed tools are of great use. For instance our "Easy Sling" rolling wire to exchange all rollers in a paper machine, our tubes for exchange of specific rollers without having to cut the forming fabric and our machine specific brackets used during exchange of dryer roller bearings.

Some reference assignments and customers, regarding repairs:

Ljunghäll AB Repairs at steel works, Södra Vi
Stora EnsoRepairs at paper mills, different locations
BillerudRepairs at paper mills, different locations