Assignments in Scandinavia

The basis for SVIZZA is its assignments in Scandinavia. SVIZZA is a Swedish company and it is natural to have many customers close by. Most of our employees are still active in Sweden, even though assignments abroad form an increasing part of our business.

We are established in two places in Sweden. Our administrative offices are placed in Borgholm on the Swedish island of Íland while our technical base lies in Kil, where the construction of a new workshop is currently under way.

The most common types of customers in Scandinavia for SVIZZA are paper and aluminium industries. The most common types of assignments are maintenance tasks and relocations.

Our experience with Scandinavian customers leads to business abroad as well. Many industries experience a continuous adaptation. Swedish and Scandinavian industries invest in new machines to meet the demands for new products and new levels of processing. SVIZZA often participates in this ongoing upgrade through installation and maintenace activities. At the same time, the equipment that is phased out is often sold on to other parts of the world, giving SVIZZA an opportunity to pack, transport and reassemble!