Type of Industry: Steel

Steel industry is by nature an enterprise with large, expensive equipment that represent huge values both in machine cost and in the value of the production it is being used in. The experience at SVIZZA in handling heavy industrial equipment (installation, relocation, maintenance) has proven to fit very well with the needs of steel industry. Our speed, competence and our equipmnet correspond perfectly with the tasks that need to be executed.

The SSG standard, used in our safety certificates, is an example. It originated in paper industry but is being more and more adopted by other types of industry, steel industry included. Our expertise in relocation and transport is also well suited for the demands of an industry in global consolidation, resulting in specialized geographical areas.

SVIZZA works with steel producers in many types of assignments, from recurring maintenance tasks to relocations of specific machinery anywhere in the world!

For reference assignments and customers regarding steel industry, see our presentations for Relocation and Maintenance under "Services".