Type of Industry: Wood and Woodwork

Wood and woodwork industries have a lot in common with paper industry. They share the same type of raw materials, they operate heavy machinery at high loads, they have common industry organizations and they share the same type of safety regulations, just to name a few of the similarities.
SVIZZA fits in very well through our experince and equipment with, for instance, the services we can offer to large sawmills. Maintenance operations, such as the exchange of bearings, can be performed smoothly with suitable tools and the proper safety certificates.

Our experience in machine relocation has led us to assignments with woodwork manufacturers as well. We have moved complete plants for the production of interior furnishings and furniture both within Europe as well as from Europe to Asia.

Even though the number of customers is relatively small, contractually recurring maintenance at sawmills give a good work load over the year. When added to relocation assignments, we have good reason to count wood and woodwork industry as one of our important customer groups.

For reference assignments and customers regarding wood and woodwork industries, see our presentations for Relocation and Maintenance under "Services".