Our experience, your peace of mind

Whether we transfer an entire industry or service and maintain an individual machine, we are experts in complicated handling of heavy machinery in complex environments.

Our business is founded on service and maintenance for all heavy industry and the transfer of individual machines or entire industries.

We invest for the future.
We continuously update ourselves regarding modernization and efficiency with a focus on quality assurance. Among other things, we have invested in one of the best total stations on the market, a Trimble S9 HP

We keep continuously up to date on modernisation and efficiency, with an emphasis on quality assurance.

Over time, our multifaceted experience and ability to solve problems have bestowed on us a solid competence that we benefit greatly nowadays for all types of projects such as new construction and/or refurbishment.

The handling of heavy machinery is a complex task that requires accuracy, flexibility, and a focus on problem solving.

When moving, we can take responsibility for the entire chain of events, including labelling, documentation, and transport.

All disassembly and installation environments look different, and it is often lots of creativity that is required to complete the job. Our year-long, wide experience comes in handy here.

The moving and maintenance of large machinery requires many skills



Heavy and complicated lifting






Lashing, weight and volume

Packing for efficient installation


Installation based on documentation, measurements, and labelling

Site modifications


Quality, expertise and experience!


Our staff is our most important asset, and the immense value of our company has been built by internal competence development through experience sharing combined with external training.

Our explicit strategy is targeted and planned. As our first priority, we put younger together with older employees, as this helps preserve competence, versatility, and flexibility and promotes creative problem solving.

Our professional cooperation partners ensure the breadth of our assignments.


Our staff is highly skilled and has passed all the necessary training courses required in our industry:

ID 06
Safe Lifting
Fall Protection Training
Work on Platforms

Hot Works
ESA 14
Forklift Truck Training
Overhead Crane Training


Our broad expertise and year-long experience of diverse complex solutions have bestowed on us a unique competence in the moving and handling of heavy industrial equipment, maintenance work, and refurbishment projects.

Today, we are also an important cooperation partner to many clients with regard to projects, reconstructions, maintenance stoppages, and maintenance.

Facts about us

In 2003, some ten employees left a Värmland industrial service company and formed SVIZZA AB

SVIZZA is a Värmland-based company that works with maintenance, refurbishment and transfer of heavy industrial equipment across large parts of the world. We are based in Kil (Värmland, Sweden), where we have our office and our own workshop, but we regularly perform jobs all over Sweden and the world.

In addition to Sweden, assignments in the rest of the Nordic region and Asia are particularly common for us, with China accounting for the largest volumes.

SVIZZA has a distinct Nordic corporate style, with a flat organisational structure and a strong element of participation,
The company has around 40 employees. In larger assignments, we can mobilise up to 60 employees.

SVIZZA AB is a leader in industrial maintenance and industrial contracts with an office and workshop in Kil. The company was founded in 1992 and regularly takes on assignments around the world. The company currently has about 40 employees.

Health, environment, and safety

Our business should be characterized by commitment and responsibility towards customers, employees, the environment, and society. Here you can read more about how we work with that.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is one of our most important tools. It regulates how you, as a Svizza employee, should behave and which values apply.

We want to work closely with our customers. Before we take on a task, we should ensure that we have access to the resources required to do a good job. We will operate with short decision-making processes and be responsive to the interests of our customers.

We should be innovative, flexible, and continuously improve ourselves. We should harness the competence of our employees. We want our employees to be engaged and involved in the operations and contribute to our positive development.

Through honest and trusting dialogue with our customers and suppliers, we will create and maintain long-lasting and positive relationships.

Our customers should feel secure when they are hiring Svizza. It means that we should always conduct ourselves with good business ethics, competence, and professional skill.