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Selection of customer cases

Renewcell in Sundsvall

A few years ago, we built Renewcells’ development machine in Kristinehamn and were also able to participate when a new drying machine was to be built in Sundsvall. The drying machine was built based on a used machine that had previously been in France.

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Moving and installing IMI – Hydronic production lines, for improved production flow and better utilization of space.

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Moving and installing IMI – Hydronic production lines, for improved production flow and better utilization of space.

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Transfer of machinery from Nexans Norway Karmöy to Nexans AB Grimsås!

Measuring, labelling and documentation, prior to mechanical and electrical disassembly! Transport from Norway

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Examples of our assignments

Buhler Group Die Casting, Husqvarna AB – Installation of aluminum die casting cell. Evomatic, Karlshamn – Assembly of Automatic pallet transport system for BBraun Medical Malaysia. Moving two die casting cells from old Fueltech in Ronneby to IAC in Hultsfred. Nexans, Halden – Commissioning of Coordinate Measuring Machine in new facility.

IMI-Hydronic, Ljung – In-house movement of machines for improved production flow. Söderenergi AB, Södertälje – Replacement of drivers on fans and pumps. Lessebo Paper AB – General repairs at paper mill. Re:newcell, Sundsvall – Assembly of mass dryer. Probat, Kaffehuset (Löfbergs), Karlstad – Installation of new roaster.

Buhler Group Die Casting, Husqvarna AB – Installation of aluminum die casting cell. Northvolt Labs, Västerås – Installation of various machines.

Northvolt Labs Västerås – Installation of coaters and dryers. Nexans Halden – Renovation of cable machine. RadScan, Falun – Retrofit of flue gas cleaning. Sofidel finpappersbruk, Kisa – Renovation of press rolls.

Billfinger, power industry — Subcontractor to Billfinger in connection with service and maintenance in the power industry.

Data/server hall — Disassembly, packing, shipping, installation of a server hall. Moved from Germany and installed in Sweden.

Stone/plate plant — Disassembly and transfer of a plant at Naturstenskompaniet’s expense.

Enviro Recycling/Tyre Recycling — Tyre recycling, continuous maintenance and service.

Cable manufacture — Disassembly, packing, shipping, assembly, and reconstruction of a cable factory within the Nexans Group. Transfer from Haugesand, Norway to Grimsås, Sweden.

Steel industry — Clearing of the Ovako Forsbacka’s plant, with a transfer of the Ovako installations in Smedjebacken, Hällefors, and Boxholm.

Re:newcell — Large-scale recycling of textiles based on new research and technology. Installation, construction and start-up assistance, followed by continued maintenance and service.

Steel industry — Transfer of tempering furnaces in Ovako Hofors.

AerospaceTech — Disassembly of a test rig in Bromma along with packing and shipping to Technical University Shanghai.

Petrochemical plant — Labelling, disassembly, and packing of a plant in Bamle, Norway.

Paper-making — Labelling, disassembly and packing of Tissue machine (fine paper) for shipping from Jönköping to Thailand.

Enviro Recycling/Tyre Recycling — Tyre recycling, installation, and construction of a plant.

Aluminium foundry — Disassembly, packing, shipping, and assembly of two casting cells from Australia to Switzerland.

Steel industry — Disassembly, renovation, installation, and reconstruction of drills for Outokumpu.

Thermal power plant — Current service and maintenance, maintenance stoppages, reconstruction, and emergency preparedness.

Paper industry — Dismantling and packing of the Åsens mill.

Drop forge in Virsbo, ongoing maintenance stoppage, continuous maintenance, and emergency preparedness.

Drop forge — Transfer of a 1,000-tonne press from Kolsva to Virsbo.

Flooring manufacture — Turnkey contract (disassembly, packing, transport, installation) in connection with the transfer of Tarkett’s flooring factory. Moved from Broby in Sweden to southern Poland.

Alteams Foundry — Transfer of a machine to Vyborg, Russia for Alteams.

Alteams Foundry — Relocation of a press foundry to new premises and installation of new machinery.

Paper industry — Renovation of two paper machines in Tunisia.

Aluminium Foundry — Installation of a second-hand casting machine in China.

Paper industry, steel industry, thermal power, etc.
Ongoing — Annual maintenance stoppages/maintenance of various installations within the BillerudKorsnäs, StoraEnso, Outocomp, Kils Energi AB, etc. Groups.

Paper industry — Maintenance stoppage in Utansjö
Paper industry – Service and maintenance of the Grycksbo Paper Mill. 
Paper industry — Installation of a paper mill in Vietnam
Oxygen plant — Disassembly and shipping of an oxygen plant from Borlänge, Sweden to India.