We perform measurements in several different industries, such as the manufacturing industry, wood industry, paper industry, pulp industry, pharmaceutical industry, and steel industry.

Examples of measurements we perform:

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Reliability is crucial for our customers, and measurement accuracy plays a significant role in that. If the fit between certain machines is not exact, it can lead to wear and production disruptions, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

To ensure high reliability, our measurement engineers and machine technicians use the Trimble S9 HP, which is the market’s best and most precise measuring instrument, providing results down to a tenth of a millimeter.

We also conduct an inspection and quality control to ensure that everything works as it should.

Measurement Techniques

Different situations require different measurement techniques. We often use total stations, laser measurement, or a combination of both for these jobs. Below you can read more about the different techniques.

Total station

For large projects, we use something called a total station. This means that we measure the entire production line to ensure optimal functioning.

Move and Installation of Production Line

A total station can also mean that we move and install entire production lines. Through precise measurements, the production line can be dismantled and then rebuilt exactly the same way. This enables production to quickly resume, rather than spending time reprogramming the machines after the new conditions.

Laser Measurement

With laser measurement, we align pumps and motors, among other things. This may involve using laser alignment between a fan and a motor to minimize wear, for example.

Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is a type of laser measurement used to measure drivetrains, such as rolls where the drive is offset.