Moving, dismantling and commissioning


One of our specialities is moving complete industrial equipment. We move short or long distances, sometimes across several parts of the world. We are the perfect partner when customers want to relocate and move production lines or entire industries. We carry out assembly and safe commissioning on site.

We calculate, dismantle, pack, lift, and load on one side and then receive, install, and commission on the other one. Our long experience in logistics, transport reservation, and customs clearance help us smooth transport in between. We have particularly extensive experience in what is a challenging task for many — administration and transport of equipment to and across Europe and Asia.

Our vast experience in logistics, our expertise in installation and the fact that we have performed machine transfers in industries as diverse as the steel, aluminium, paper, plastics, and wood-processing industry enable us to be quick and efficient and help us procure the highest quality of the end result.