Always the right tool at your fingertips

We always use appropriate tools and have a large machinery park that is suitable for all of our services in all the different environments we work in.

If we do not find an appropriate tool that permits us to implement a measure faster, we design a new tool or improve an existing one.

We offer three of these own tools for sale as proprietary products. For inquiries about and orders of our own proprietary products, please contact Lennart Ernstsson.

Rolling wire «Easy Sling»

Our rolling wire facilitates a large amount of the stages involving moving and transportation of heavy objects out of and into different machines. It can be a matter of rollers, scrapers, etc.

The roller wire is often employed in many paper mills. However, it is excellently suited for use in other industries.

Roller exchange cylinder

Allows for the replacement of felt and paper winding cylinders without cutting the wire. The roller is lifted out sideways from the paper machine, saving both time and money.

Bracket for bearing exchange

During the replacement of the bearings of a drying cylinder, we manufacture a machine-specific bracket or shelf that can quickly bear the machine shaft and facilitate the handling of the released bearing.

”Svizza AB has been the main contractor for our unique Re:newcell Kristinehamn industrial project since the project launched.
The task has now been transformed into an ongoing maintenance job”

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