We work with steelworks and can assist with a variety of services. Here are some examples.


With us, you can feel safe.

We understand how important it is to resolve production issues quickly, and having a repairer on site promptly can be crucial. In such a situation, it’s a great relief to know exactly who to call. We provide that reassurance for you and your steelworks.

It can range from cutting and welding work to repairs of slide, ball, and roller bearings, as well as other types of repairs needed at your facility.

Dismantling & assembly

The best results are achieved with the right expertise

We can assist in dismantling machines and all types of facilities that need to be moved or replaced. We can also help with the assembly of new machines and facilities.

After assembly, we perform inspections and set up measurement lines for future checks.

Relocation of machines and facilities

We work meticulously and methodically

Sometimes, a machine in production needs to be relocated to improve the production flow or to optimize the use of space. We have experience in machine relocations and can therefore carry it out in a methodical manner, allowing production to resume as quickly as possible.

Svizza performs assembly at the Ovako steelworks in Hällefors.
Here we are assembling Svizza rolls at the Ovako steelworks in Hällefors.

Services we can assist steelworks with:

  • Repairs
  • Dismantling
  • Assembly
  • Relocation of machines and facilities