Industrial Maintenance & repairs


Good industrial maintenance has luckily reduced the overall number of acute breakdowns. However, this makes it all the more important to quickly get help when it is needed. Our horizontal organisation also enables us to quickly mount an effort when we are facing an emergency.

We perform lots of maintenance work in many different industries. 

The experience our employees have, make us a reliable maintenance partner. We work quickly and efficiently in time-critical environments. Our greatest strengths are the experience we have, our fitters’ competence, our equipment, and an extensive machine park.

Our proprietary products are also extremely useful for repair assignments such as, e.g., our rolling wire for changing all rollers in a paper machine, the roller change tubes that make it possible to change felt and paper winding cylinders without cutting the wire as well as our machine-specific brackets for replacement of drying cylinder bearings.

Our repair assignments are currently primarily carried out within Sweden, but we also naturally take on assignments all over the globe